A shared account is a practical and secure solution for managing expenses, direct debits and transfers between several people.

Any member can deposit money and make expanses by card (physical, contactless or virtual) or by bank transfer.

Create a shared account

To open a shared account, click on "Create an account" at the top of the home screen and follow the instructions. The creator can then define an account name and invite new members directly in the creation procedure.

New members can be invited at any time from the "Members" screen, and the account name can still be changed.

Once the account has been created and the invitation accepted, it can be accessed by the creator and members from the application's home screen.

To create or join a shared account, members must have their identity verified. Find out more here.

Managing the rights of members of a shared account

The creator of the shared account grants the following rights to each invited member:

The creator cannot be removed from the account. He/she is also the only person who can add and remove members from the "Members" screen.

As the sole legal holder of the balance (see terms and conditions), by assigning any of these rights to another user, the account creator accepts the risks associated with the use of the shared account by an entitled party. Overdrafts are not permitted. Find out more here.

Depositing money into a shared account

There are several ways of crediting the account:

  • Use the IBAN of the shared account: The account creator can generate an IBAN dedicated to the shared account with a RIB (bank details form). The IBAN is then accessible to all account members from the "IBAN" screen.
  • Make a movement between accounts : From the shared account detail view a member can deposit money into it by clicking on the "+" icon and then selecting one of their own accounts as the payment source.

Spending money from a shared account

If they have spending rights on the shared account, members can :

Card spending is free abroad.

Fees for a shared account

There are no fees for opening a shared account and no account maintenance charges.

Each member can deposit money into the shared account free of charge and spend up to €3,000/month. Beyond that, each account member is subject to the usage limits and charges for their individual account.

Any charges incurred by a member will be debited from their own account, which they own. To find out more, click here.

Closing or leaving a shared account

Only the account creator can archive the shared account.

Members can leave the account at any time by clicking on "Leave account" at the bottom of the screen.

The account statement remains available in the application once the account has been archived. To find out more, click here.

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