It is possible to use your Lydia IBAN to receive direct debits. To do this, simply send your IBAN to the service provider wishing to receive payment and sign the corresponding direct debit mandate. You will then be debited directly from your Lydia balance.

Before each debit, you will receive a notification as well as an email warning you if the funds are not sufficient for the amount debited, in which case you will have to top up your Lydia account.

As from the 2nd rejected direct debit due to insufficient funds in the month, a €5 fee is charged for each rejected direct debit during the current month (€25 maximum per month and per user).

In case of a failed debit, you will have to contact the merchant to find an alternative and use another payment method to honour the payment.

You can terminate a direct debit mandate at any time, from the "Direct debit" menu, by clicking on "Delete mandate" after having selected the mandate in question.

Please note that once the mandate has been revoked, it is no longer possible to reactivate the direct debit from the app.

To learn more about your Lydia IBAN, read this article.

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