As a mobile application aiming to simplify payments, Sumeria cannot accept bank cheque or cash deposits on customer's accounts.

From the home screen of the applications, customers can tap the account they want to fund, then click on "Credit". Several funding options are offered.

Via bank transfer

Once customers have verified their identity, they can activate their account's IBAN and receive bank transfers.

Customers must add their IBAN as beneficiaries on their external bank account.

The time period before receiving a transfer can vary depending on the transfer type. Customers can receive bank transfers from a third person, a private organization (employer) or a public organization (taxes, CAF, etc.).

Via another Sumeria account

Customers can fund an account using the money available on one of their other accounts.

Customers can also credit their account with the money collected on an online money pot.

Via express loan

An express loan allows customers to get between €100 and €1.500 immediately credited on their account.

A credit is binding and must be repaid. Customers must check their ability to repay before making a commitment.

Learn more about express loans.

Via bank card or Apple Pay

Customers can immediately fund their accounts by crediting it with their bank card or via Apple Pay. This method can be subject to some limits.

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