Lydia offers with Sumeria

Lydia+, Lydia Green+ and Lydia Black+ benefits remain active with Sumeria. This means customers can keep their subscriptions if they wish to.

They can also switch to a Sumeria offer (Sumeria+, black card, or Sumeria+ with black card).

  • For Lydia+ or Lydia Green+ customers, the switch is immediate, whether they have an annual or monthly plan.
  • For Lydia Black+ customers, the annual commitment period can be cancelled should they wish to upgrade to the black card, or to the black card with Sumeria+.
If customers paid for an annual Lydia Black+ plan (€99 for the subscription), then they will receive a refund on their Main account equal to the number of unused months.

If Lydia Black+ customers wish to downgrade to Sumeria+, they will have to wait until the end of the commitment period.

Switching to a Sumeria offer

To change their offer, customers can head to the Sumeria offers in the "Profile and settings" screen. A bill will be sent via email a month after the subscription has started.

Lydia cards remain active even after changing offers. They can be used for all payments, within the limits of the new offer. Customers can also order a Sumeria card.
Lydia offers can no longer be subscribed to.

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