How does Sumeria offer a simpler account experience?
Sumeria revolutionises account management with simple, effective features:

• Open a free interest-bearing account in just a few minutes

• Intuitive interface: clear account statements, real-time balance updates and AI-corrected transaction labels

• Centralized management through a single app

• Simplified, secure payments: use a variety of payment cards (physical, virtual, mobile) compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay

• Sumeria+ assisted savings programme: reach your financial goals with an assisted savings program, tools to track spending and personalized advice.

For more details, visit our website.

Can I view my accounts from a computer?
Yes you can, on our website. It gives you access to your accounts and there you can manage your transactions too.

Can I customize my home screen? Can I change the order of my accounts?
Yes you can:

• Organize the layout of your accounts by tapping on "Favourites" on the mobile app home screen, or tap "Reorder my accounts" from the "Preferences" screen

• Change the style of your card holder by long-pressing it

• Analyze your expenses and instantly create new views to suit your needs.

Can I go back to the old version of the application?
We've designed Sumeria to make everything accessible in (almost) a single tap, so managing your money is no more than a breeze.

It is not possible to revert to the previous version, but if you mainly use the app for payments with friends, you can download our dedicated app for that: Lydia.

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