Each customer is allocated a main current account from which they can receive money and spend it.

Depending on their needs, customers can also create new accounts for spending, savings or kitty accounts from l'écran d'accueil.

An account for every purpose

  • Single account: An account dedicated to one category of monthly expenditure: going out, shopping, restaurants, etc.
  • Shared account: An account in which several members can pool money and spend it, over time for a couple or a weekend with friends.
  • Budget account: A spending account that also includes features to help you stick to a set budget and organise your spending.
  • Project account: An account with features that help you save for specific projects: financing a trip, building work, major purchase, etc.
  • Money pot: Organise a collection of money for an event. An online page is created to allow contributors to take part using different payment methods.

It is also possible to connect external bank accounts so that the history and balance of the account can be found on the application.

These can be payment accounts, e-money accounts or bank accounts. See the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Using money from an account

The money in an account can be spent using the various payment methods available, as well as by bank transfer or direct debit.

Account maintenance charges

There are no charges for opening a spending or savings account, nor are there any account management charges. See the General Terms and Conditions and the pricing and limits.

Customise the display of an account

You can change the name of an account, order the accounts on the home screen or hide the balance. Find out more.

Closing an account

Only the account creator can archive an account. Members can leave the account at any time by clicking on "Leave account" at the bottom of the screen.

Once the account has been archived, the account history and bank statements remain available in the "Documents" screen.

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