Physical, contactless or virtual cards allow you to pay and withdraw money free of charge anywhere in the world, in any currency (with the exception of countries banned by OFAC).

How the card works abroad

When abroad, the customer's card works as usual: he or she uses it to pay in shops and to withdraw cash from cash dispensers.

After each payment, the transaction appears in the transactions history. The amount of the payment is displayed in euros and the value of the transaction in local currency is shown on the payment receipt.

The amount paid abroad may rise or fall slightly after a payment. To find out more, click here.

The card cannot be used in certain very specific countries where card payments are made by reading the magnetic strip.

Rate to be set on the payment terminal abroad

The merchant's payment terminal or cash dispenser generally offers customers the option of using their own conversion rate for the transaction.

Customers must select "NO" to use the actual Visa exchange rate. Otherwise, they will be exposed to significant exchange charges.

If the customer accepts the proposed exchange rate by clicking on "YES", the conversion will be carried out by the merchant's or distributor's bank. This will expose the customer to high exchange charges.

Deactivating payments abroad

You can use the application to make a card unusable abroad. To do this, simply deactivate the "Payment abroad" option in the card settings. Find out more about card-related functions.

Blocking your card

If your card is lost or stolen abroad, you can block it (and then unblock it) in just a few clicks from your card settings. To find out more.

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