The customers can find every transaction made from the "History" section displayed on the home page.

Finding payment receipts in-app

There are three ways of finding payments you made from the app.

Via push notifications

Customers will receive a push notification right after a payment. This feature can be deactivated from the app settings.

From the transaction history

Payment receipts are instantly displayed in the transaction history. After opening it, the customer can switch from a receipt to another by swiping right or swiping left.

Each receipt contains the following information:

  • the name of recipient or sender of the payment ;
  • the status of the payment ;
  • the amount and date of the payment ;
  • the payment method that was used and debited.

More actions

From a payment receipt the customer can:

From the payment receipt the user can personalize the title of the transaction, upload an invoice and/or a souvenir picture.

Via email 

For app users

Every time the customer make a payment, an email is sent. This feature can be disabled from the account settings.

For payments via the online credit card form

If the customer makes a payment via external credit card on via CB form, they will receive a receipt by e-mail.

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