Online payments do not require the customer to enter a card PIN as it could be the case at physical stores.

In order to confirm an online payment, a verification process called 3D Secure (3DS) has to be validated by the customer in-app.

3D Secure

3D Secure can be triggered on any type of card (physicalcontactless mobile payment or virtual card).

Before proceeding with an online payment, that presents a potential risk, a 3D Secure confirmation might be required.

In this situation, the merchant will tell the customer to open the app to validate the payment.

  • The customer will receive an email and/or a push notification on his phone to warn him. Clicking on the push notification will open the confirmation screen in-app ;
  • Alternatively, the customer will be able to open the app directly to access the confirmation screen ;
  • A redirection button is included into the email.

Then, the customer will have to :

The payment will be initiated by the merchant right after the confirmation. It is therefore possible that it may be refused, for various reasons (insufficient amount, deactivated online payment etc.).

For security reasons on online purchases, the customer can also use virtual cards, which self-destruct after the payment.

Contesting a card payment

If the card has been used without the agreement of the card owner, the customer has to block the card and to contact the customer service.

A copy of the complaint form might be requested by the customer service for the contestation procedure.

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