If customers lose their card or think it has been stolen, they can follow the steps below to block or stop the card to protect their money.

If the customer still has access to their account

As a first step, we recommend that customers block their card as quickly as possible to make it unusable. Blocking the card is free, reversible and unlimited.

If, by chance, customers find their card.

All they have to do is unblock it to start using it again.

These actions can be carried out directly from the "Cards" screen by clicking on "Block this card temporarily" from the details of the card concerned.

If the card is permanently lost or stolen.

If the card is permanently lost or stolen, it must be blocked. This action is irreversible and can be taken from the "Cards" screen by clicking on "Destroy this card" from the details of the card concerned. The card is then blocked permanently and disappears from the application.

If the customer cannot access their account

If they are unable to access their account, customers can request that their card be blocked or blocked by sending an email to contact@sumeria.eu or by calling the dedicated card suspension line on

If the telephone attached to the account has also been lost or stolen, customers can specify this if they wish to block their account temporarily.

Card replacement

Replacement of lost cards is not supported. Customers can order a new card directly from the application.

In the event of theft, a copy of the police report may be requested from the customer.

Fraudulent spending with a stolen card

If the card has been stolen, we advise customers to block it as quickly as possible. The level of reimbursement to which the customer will be entitled in the event of fraudulent expenditure depends on the speed of reaction.

Fraudulent expenses incurred before the card is blocked

Fraudulent transactions made with a stolen card before the customer blocks it will be charged to the customer, up to a maximum of €50. If the fraud exceeds €50, we will have to open an investigation to establish who is responsible. At the end of this investigation, which may take several weeks, we will determine whether or not a refund of the losses is possible. The customer may be asked to provide supporting documents.

Fraudulent expenditure after the card has been blocked

If the fraudster has managed to make fraudulent expenditure with a card despite it being blocked (purchases not requiring authorisation for payment, for example), the customer will be reimbursed in full for the expenditure made by the fraudster.

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