Lydia isn't just a mobile payment app, it is also a software that lets merchants accept card payments online.

When you pay such businesses online with your credit card, Lydia will actually debit your bank account on behalf of the merchant.

Hence, you'll see the "LYDIA APP" mention appear on your bank statement after the payment (and not the merchant's name).

The LYDIA APP mention can also appear after contributing to a money pot on the "" website, which is also operated by Lydia. To know more, read this article.

Merchants always have to send their goods 📦

If your bank account or Lydia account has been debited with the right amount, this means the payment has gone through. So the business has received the money.

The business must provide you with :

  • A payment receipt immediately, saying they received the money
  • An invoice to your name and address, proving your purchase has been taken into account
  • Information about the order's status and delivery

Lydia will never be responsible for your purchases' order status and delivery. If you haven't received your purchase yet, please reach out to the merchant's support team.

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