Occasionally, Sumeria's identity verification systems may reject valid, genuine documents. In most cases, Sumeria's systems have not been able to verify the authenticity of the document.

The most common rejection reasons

Here are the most common reasons, which customers should check carefully.

Document put down and not held in one hand

The document must be held in the hand. If in doubt about how to hold the identity document, click here.

Important identity information hidden

All identifying information on the document must be legible. Fingers or hands often obscure the ID photo, personal information, or the series of characters at the bottom of the document.

Once the video has been recorded, a confirmation screen allows the customer to check that the document is visible and legible in its entirety. If not, he can start again.
Reflections from the sun or a lamp

Reflections can make it difficult to read identity information. The ideal position is indoors, close to a window during the day, so that no reflections obscure important information.

The movement requested is not performed or is performed in the wrong direction

The customer is asked to tilt the document back and forth, as shown in the illustration below. The movement should make the holograms of the document appear.

Only European identity documents are accepted to verify your identity on Sumeria.
For more information on accepted documents, click here.

Getting help

In the event that the customer has followed these recommendations but is still unable to verify his identity, it is possible to obtain assistance from the Sumeria team by contacting them at the following email address: contact@sumeria.eu.

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