Should you need cash in Euros or in a foreign currency, you can use the card to make withdrawals anywhere in the world (except for countries banned by OFAC).

How do I enable/disable ATM withdrawals?

The customer can make the card unusable at ATMs using the settings for the dedicated card from the 'Cards' screen of the application.

Withdrawing money abroad

Wherever customers are in the world, they won't pay anything as long as they don't exceed the limits defined in your offer. About the fees and limits applied.

However, some ATM withdrawals may apply charges levied by the bank that owns the ATM.

These charges may relate to withdrawals made in the currency of the customer's card: this is known as "dynamic exchange". To avoid these charges, customers should always opt for cash withdrawals in the local currency. To put it simply, the cash dispenser can ask if the customer wishes to use their own conversion rate for the transaction. The customer must select "NO" each time to use the actual Visa exchange rate. If the customer clicks on "YES", the conversion will be carried out by the ATM's bank.

In addition, the bank that owns the cash dispenser may charge the customer a fee simply for using it: this is called an access fee.

Issues at the ATM?

Withdrawing money from an ATM can sometimes cause problems:

  • "My card was swallowed";
  • "My account has been debited even though the ATM didn't give me any notes";
  • "The withdrawal doesn't work".

In the first two cases, it is preferable for the customer to go to the bank with the nearest cash dispenser to resolve the problem directly with the bank in question. If this fails, the customer can contact our customer service.

In the latter case, customers should check that the 'ATM' option is active in their card settings.

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