Ordering a card

In order to order a card, the customer can go to the "Cards" screen available from the home page of the application by clicking on the card holder. By clicking on the ➕ at the top right of the screen, the customer can choose the "Order a card" option.

Delivery of the card

Once ordered, the card will be sent from France to the postal address provided when the order was placed.

It takes a maximum of 15 working days from the date of the order to the date of delivery of the card. If the delivery address is abroad, it may take longer.

Most of our deliveries in France have a tracking number. From the 'Cards' screen in the application, customers can track their delivery by clicking on the ℹ️ icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, after selecting the card concerned.

If the time limits mentioned above are exceeded, or if the customer notices a problem with the tracking of their delivery, they can contact our customer service.

Good to know: once the order has been placed, it is no longer possible to change the card delivery address.

What to do before using your card

There are two quick and easy things to do before using your card for the first time.

Verify your identity

Before customers can use their card, their identity must be verified. To do this, they will be asked for proof of identity.

Top up the card account

When customers pay with their card, the card debits the balance on the account linked to the card. If the balance is €0, card payments will not go through. Customers can change the account to be debited with the card at any time (and choose a sub-account, for example).

What to do once you have received the card

Activate the card

To activate the card and link it to their smartphone, customers must enter the ten digits on the back of the card after the word "TOKEN" in the application.

PIN code

The card's four-digit PIN code will be displayed in the card settings. Customers can view and change it at any time from the application. If customers decide to change their PIN code, they will need to go to an ATM and make a cash withdrawal using the new code to ensure that the PIN code is up to date.

Special feature: default card configuration

To protect customers' money, we have deactivated the card's "Internet Payment" and "Contactless Payment" functions by default.

  • To make secure online purchases, we recommend using temporary Virtual Cards.
  • For contactless payments, we recommend using Apple Pay or Google Pay: there is no limit on the amount and it's much more secure.

In order to use a card, customers must :

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