If the customer thinks being the victim of a fraud attempt, he should never act in a hurry: in any case, a Sumeria advisors will never ask the customer to give them a password, a code received by text message, or a code visible in the application.

If the customer is currently on the phone

The best thing to do first is hanging up. If a code has been requested over the phone, the caller is not a legitimate Sumeria advisor. An attacker will use the urgency of the situation to get the customer to pass on information. By hanging up, the customer can take a step back from the suspicious situation and contact Sumeria for verification.

So what to do now?

The customer has provided information (code, password, etc.)

If the customer is unable to access his Sumeria account, he can request the account to be blocked or the cards put on hold by sending an email to the customer service at contact@sumeria.eu or by calling the dedicated card suspension line (

If the customer still has access to the Sumeria application, he can access the "Help" section, using the button at the bottom of the screen, and then the "Emergency Help" feature. A Sumeria advisor will verify and secure the account.

The customer has not provided any information

If no information has been transmitted, the account should be safe. However, it is advisable to notify Sumeria in order to carry out verifications. The customer can contact the customer service at contact@sumeria.eu or from the "Help" section at the bottom of the application's home screen.

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