Customer account owners can only access Sumeria through a secure mobile application. But a complementary website browser version for computers is also available.

If customers do not have an account, they can create one within minutes.

Access the mobile app

For security reasons, customers already identified must either enter their password, or pass their phone's biometric authentication to access the mobile app on a daily basis.

If they have yet to be identified, they must perform the following steps.

Step 1: phone number verification

No need to precise if the customer already has an existing account or if they are creating a new one.

To log in, customers must enter the phone number linked to their customer account, to which a text message including either a code or a verification link will be sent.

Customers must leave the Sumeria app to navigate to their text message app, they won't lose their progress.

  • If they received a link, they must click it to be automatically redirected to the app.
  • If they received a code, they must memorize it and manually go back to the Sumeria app to enter it.
If customers no longer have access to the phone number linked to their account, they must refer to the special cases section below.
Step 2: password verification
If three checkboxes with the mention "Let's start with the basics" are displayed, it means the number is not linked to any Sumeria account. To recover access to an account linked to an old number, check out the special cases section below.

Customers must enter the password they previously set up.

In case they forgot their password or encountered an issue, customers can tap "A problem? Need some help? " then "I forgot my password" to access the password recovery process.

If customers entered the password corresponding to their account, they can then activate biometric authentication before accessing the "home screen".

Special cases and error messages

⚠️ Attention ⚠️ If customers have their account blocked, they must click here.

Customers don't have access to the phone number

If customers do not have immediate access to the number (but still own the line), they are recommended to wait until they have access to the number to log in. In case of a number change (new SIM card for example), click here.

Customers haven't received the text message code

For every login to the app, Sumeria asks customers to confirm they received the text message by entering the code it delivered.

The text message, sent by Sumeria to the number entered by the customer, must be received in under a minute. If this is not the case, several reasons may explain why the customer didn't receive the text message:

  • the customer is abroad (text messages are not received in every country)
  • the customer entered a wrong number
  • the customer changed their phone number
  • there is a technical problem with the customer's telephone provider
  • there is a technical problem with Sumeria or their telecom partner

If they can, customers must verify the number associated with their account, and change it if need be. Otherwise, they will have to try again in a few hours. 

If the issue is still not resolved, they must reach out to customer service.

The name displayed is not the customer's

If the customer uses a new number, this number may have previously been attributed to another customer by the provider. In this case, they must reach out to customer service and explain their situation.

In the case where customers remember having entered a wrong name, they can log in, then edit their name from the "Personal information" screen. They can also reach out to customer service and explain their situation.

After having entered the text message code, customers are creating a new account instead of logging in to an existing account

This means the number entered by the customer isn't linked to an existing account. If the customer wants to create a new account because they don't have one yet, they can go on. In the case where the customer already owns an account, they may:

  • have made a typing error, in this case, they must go back using the arrow at the top left and enter another number
  • have changed their number, in this case, they must update the number linked to the account, learn more

Access the app from a computer web browser

For security reasons, the Sumeria app downloaded on the customer's phone will act as an access key. Customers must have access to the Sumeria mobile application at the same time.

Step 1: phone number verification

To log in to their Sumeria account from a computer, customers must go to from their browser and enter the phone number linked to their account.

Step 2: verification of the access code available on the mobile application

Customers must then enter a security code. This code is available on the Sumeria mobile application by tapping "Authentication requests" from the "Security & privacy" screen.

For security reasons, a session lasts 30 minutes. When the time is up, customers are automatically logged out and must log in again, if they want to, following the steps described above.

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