Unless customers specify otherwise, offers are automatically renewed, whether it be monthly or annual versions.

Means of payment

The customer's preferred means of payment is debited for the renewal. Customers can change the means of payment in use. If the means of payment in use is a Lydia account, the associated payment will appear in the history.

Customers who chose an external means of payment when they subscribed on V12 of the application keep the same source on V13. However, for any change or new subscription on V13, the main account will be automatically defined as payment source.

Payment failure

Should the payment fail, a second attempt is made using the main account. If the balance is insufficient, it becomes negative so customers don't lose their benefits for the current period.

However, if customers haven't credited their account by the time the following payment is due, they automatically lose access to their benefits and downgrade to the free offer.

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