Account organisation

In the second tab of the app there is a section named "Accounts & money pots" which gather any Lydia accounts created.

These accounts are organised into 4 categories. At the bottom of each category, the user will find a 'Manage' section that brings together a number of possible actions.

Category name

Accounts displayed

Possible actions from "Manage" section of this category




Main; Duo; Group; Envelope; External bank account;

Money pot

Money pot (managed and pinned)


Piggy banks; remunerated

Create an account

From "Accounts & money pots" section, use the "+" icon in the top right-hand corner or the suggestion section of each category to create new accounts.

Drag and drop money between two accounts

It's possible to drag and drop money between different accounts from the account tab.

To do this, simply keep your finger pressed down on the account you wish to withdraw money from, then move to the destination account, keeping your finger pressed down.

Once on the destination account, release the button.

All that remains is to set the amount and confirm the transaction.

This action is not possible if the user does not have the right to spend money from the source account.

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