Just like a bank card, a telephone is a simple payment and collection tool: it contains no money. So if you lose your phone, you won't lose a penny!

All the information will be recovered if the customer connects to a new phone.

What's more, any important action is protected by a confidential code, so customers run no risk and their account is perfectly secure:

  • Two-factor authentication is required to connect to an account. This is based on the password set by the customer and a code sent by SMS to the number associated with their account. Without this code, no connection is possible. All they have to do is block their SIM card with their telephone operator. This will prevent anyone else from logging into their account.
  • Even when logged in, to validate any important action on the application you need to enter a confidential 4-digit code that only the customer knows. This is of course the case for any attempted payment or transfer.
  • Finally, transactions involving payment by bank card are regularly secured by a 3D Secure step.

If customers still wish to block their account for security reasons, they can send an e-mail to Customer Services (contact@sumeria.eu) with the hashtag #safelock in the subject line, specifying the situation in which they find themselves (bank cards also lost or stolen, phone or application code compromised, etc.). Customer service teams will then be able to intervene quickly.

Find more about the application's security measures.

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