Virtual cards are temporary payment numbers that can be generated from the app. They can be used to pay online safely for a unique or for several purchases.

It's mandatory to have done the identity verification to be able to create virtual cards.

Why using virtual cards

Using a physical card to pay online is risky. Any malicious online website can store the card information and use them again.

To pay online safely, customers can create virtual cards. These are payment numbers that can be used :

  • For a one time purchase. The virtual card will therefore auto-delete right after the payment.
  • For several purchases. The virtual card can be deleted at any time in-app.

Once a virtual card is deleted, its payment numbers can't be used again for new debits.

However, it is still possible to receive refunds by the merchant that was initially paid even if the virtual card used is now deleted.

A one time payment card is automatically deleted if the transaction is above €1,50. Otherwise the customer will need to delete it manually from the card details. Some merchants apply payment authorizations below this amouns which does not suppress the card after the payment.

Creating virtual cards

Customers can create virtual cards at any time from by opening the card displayed on the home page :

  • For a one time payment, click on "Card for 1 online payment" ;
  • For several purchase, click on "Subscriptions card" ;

It's possible to define a certain number of card options into the card details. Click here for more information on card functionalities.

Paying online using virtual cards

Once the customer opened the virtual card details screen :

  • To pay online from a mobile, they can "Copy" the virtual card numbers and paste them into the online merchant's payment form.
  • To pay online from a computer, they can click on "Show" to view the virtual card's numbers and manually type them into the payment form.

Once the 3D Secure procedure validated a push notification or an email will confirm the payment.

When using a virtual card to pay online, the customers must enter their full name into the merchant's online payment.

At any time, customers can also modify the Lydia account linked to their virtual card.

Contesting a card payment

If the card has been used without the agreement of the card owner, the customer has to block the card and contact the customer service :

A copy of the complaint form might be requested by the customer service for the contestation procedure.

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