Sumeria+ offers customers several solutions to manage their money, organize their expenses and plan a budget.

Budgeting accounts (Sumeria+ exclusivity)

To monitor their accounts and manage their money throughout the month, customers can create budgeting accounts allowing them to monitor the transactions for a specific expense type (Leisure, Shopping, Groceries...). They can create as many budgeting accounts as they have expense types. By activating the "budgeting" feature on their account, a gauge appears to track: 

  • the evolution of monthly expenses in regards to the specified budget
  • the evolution of monthly expenses to see the consumed portion of the budget
  • the ideal daily amount not to exceed 

Account creation 

Customers can create a budget account at the top of their home screen. By choosing "Budgeting account", they can add a name and a budget linked to a specific expense type. They can also choose the date to which they will be reminded to credit their account.

Customers can credit their budgeting account with funds from their main account or from an external account via instant transfer to the project account's IBAN.

They can spend the money on their account directly with their card. Before making a transaction, they can choose the account they want to be debited. They can also change the debit account after the transaction, by tapping "transaction detail".

A "Budget Planner" is available on Sumeria's website so customers can plan a budget taking their fixed and planned expenses into consideration.

Monitoring charts and expenses categorization 

Monitoring charts allow customers to visualize their spending pace over time as well as the expense category linked to each transaction. At Sumeria, transactions are categorized into "Supermarket, bakery", "Restaurants, bars, cafés", "Delivery (Uber Eats, Deliveroo,...)", "Streaming, music, multimedia", "Public transportation, vehicle". 

Personalizing charts 

The expenses chart is at the bottom of the home screen. It is completely adaptable and allows customers to view their expenses according to: 

  • the chosen period, by selecting the "Weekly" or "Monthly" button
  • the chosen account(s), by selecting the account they want to view from the "All accounts" drop-down menu
  • the expense category(ies) by selecting the expense category from the "Filters" drop-down menu

Customers can create several simultaneous "views" and thus create the charts they are interested in to monitor their budget and expenses.


To allow customers to closely monitor their expenses and budget, Sumeria set up personalized alerts for each account created by customers.


By clicking on the desired account from the main screen and then tapping "Alerts" at the bottom of the account screen, customers can configure the following alerts: 

  • money received above €X
  • expenses above €X
  • account balance too low from €X
  • account balance too high from €X
  • weekly balance.

For the four first alerts mentioned above, customers can choose the minimum or maximum amounts for which they want to be notified. They also choose their preferred communication channel, via email and/or push notification.

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