Right to retract

The borrower has the right to retract their loan request within 14 days of making said request.  This conforms with the general terms and conditions written by our partner “Banque Casino” (as well as article L.222-7 of the Consumer Code).

These general conditions are always sent by mail to the user in order to confirm their subscription to the loan.

To do this the borrower must fill out, print and send away the following “bordereau de retractation”  to “Banque Casino”.

"Bordereau de retractation Coup de Pouce Banque Casino.pdf"

Instant option selected

If you have selected to receive your loan straight away on the app you will need to reimburse the amount that you borrowed and “Banque Casino” will then reimburse the charges you originally paid while taking out the loan..

“In 14 days” option selected.

If the borrower chooses to receive the amount ”in 14 days” while signing up on the app.  In this instance the user will not receive the amount requested and “Banque Casino” will reimburse any fees or charges.

For more information on the reimbursement procedure the user can directly contact the “Banque Casino” (please note that these services are currently only available in French)

  • By emailing: bcacoupdepouce@banque-casino.fr
  • By telephone: (+33) 08 25 95 44 51 (from Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm and Saturday from 9am - 6pm)

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