About Lydia's Cashback Program

Lydia customers living in France can enjoy cashback, meaning a refund of part of the price of their purchases at partner stores. Cutomers receive the reward right away on their Lydia account.

Cashback is only available to paying customers.

How it works

Upon upgrading to a paying version, no additional step is required from customers in order to enjoy cashback. They can start checking out the cashback deals and making purchases as they normally would with their Lydia card (physical or virtual). It’s automatic.

To enjoy cashback, some of the customer's transaction information is shared—always securely—with our French partner PayLead.

Lydia never shares customers’ names, addresses or emails. PayLead generates a pseudonymized ID unique to each cutomer. This “token” prevents anyone from identifying the real person behind the information.

Information shared with PayLead is used to:

  • Provide customers with lucrative and customized deals (based on customer data and purchasing preferences)
  • Identify transactions eligible for cashback and check they are in line with T&Cs
  • Generate and pay cashback

For further details, see the “Cashback section” of our Personal data protection policy.

Cashback amount

Cashback equals to a certain percentage of the total purchase made. Said percentage can change over time and differs between partners. It can also be different if it’s the first one to be made at that retailer. This explains why 2 customers can be rewarded different cashback sums, although they made their purchases at the same retailer.

Example: Retail A: 30% cashback for first purchase, 4% for subsequent purchases.

Cashback percentages and conditions are available in-app.


The list of retailers offering cashback is available in-app. It changes periodically.

Tap on any one of them to access their details and conditions. 

Retailers offer cashback to attract new customers and turn them into regular customers.

Cashback validation and payment

Once the retailer validates the cashback, the reward is automatically credited to the customer's Lydia account. No action is required from the customer, nor are any further documents needed.

ℹ️ It usually takes between 7 and 30 days for a transaction and its corresponding cashback to be validated. What’s more, if purchases are subject to return policies (e.g., clothes), their cashback will only be validated once the return period (typically 14 days) expires.

Details are sent to the customer by email and via push notifications when the cashback is credited to the Lydia account.

Deactivating cashback

Customers are free to unsubscribe from the cashback service any time, in which case their transaction data will then no longer be shared with PayLead. 

Customers can deactivate the service from the cashback screen in-app. Unsubscribing takes effect immediately.

This can be reversed anytime should the customer decide so.

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