Presentation of Amazon gift cards on Lydia 🎁

Amazon gift cards in Lydia represent an excellent idea for a gift, or if the user simply wants to give himself a voucher. For every gift card purchased, a 2% cashback is offered to the user.

For example, if a user decided to purchase a 100 € gift card through Lydia, the selected Lydia account receives 2% cashback, so €2.

Creating an Amazon gift card ✅

To create a gift card, simply go to the "Gains" tab (last tab in the app) and click on "Amazon" . Next, the user simply needs to:

  1. Type in the amount to convert into a gift card ;
  2. Choose a mean of payment (Lydia balance, shared account, money pot, etc) ;
  3. Check the summary and click on "Confirm".
If they wish, users can choose a charity to which they would like to donate the cashback generated after purchasing the gift card. The charities list is available here.

The user will receive an email with the gift card code (in a .pdf format). The user is informed of the delay, from gift card purchase to delivery via email, upon purchase in the application.

It is important to note that the purchase of a gift card is definitive and cannot be redeemed nor reimbursed, in any type, from Lydia or from the partner brand.

Using a gift card to make purchases 🛒

Use gift cards on

The user can copy and paste the code of the gift card and open to add it to the Amazon balance. The card can also be used by typing the code of the gift card when validating a payment.

The user can spend an Amazon gift card in several installments, until he has used the full amount loaded on the card. The code and barcode associated with the card can be used for all purchases until the card has been used.

Find gift cards in the application

Once the gift card has been ordered, its code (usable on the Internet) can be found in the "Brands" menu, accessible from the "Account" tab, then by clicking on "Cards". This is the last section of the screen. Users can find all gift cards there. Information regarding gift cards can be found by clicking on the button “Show PDF voucher”.

User may also find his gift cards in a Lydia account page if he purchased it using money from an account, a shared account, or a Lydia money pot. 

Find gift cards outside of the application

To find gift cards outside of the application, the user simply needs to open the email he should have received after purchasing the gift card. The user is informed of the delay via email, upon purchase in the application. 

Informations 🙋‍♀️

Validity Period

Amazon gift cards are valid for a period of 10 years from their creation date.

What if the gift card has not been received?

We kindly invite users to check their spam inbox as it may land there.

Otherwise, users should reach out to our support by clicking on the button "?" on this page. We would be happy to help!

General Terms & Conditions

👉 General terms & conditions for gift cards from

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