Sumeria customers can refer and be referred via a link or a code that anchors their relationship. Over time, this relationship can bring them exclusive benefits.


Referrals can be done by sharing a link from the app. It is accessible from the "Profile and settings" screen, then "Referral" (or by clicking here from a smartphone).

The recipient must have the application installed on their phone and create a user account if they don't already have one. Then they must click on the referral link they received from a smartphone.

A referral confirmation message will appear, with the conditions. They must agree to them to become a referee.

Instead of clicking on the link, the recipient can also enter the referrer code they received with the link on the Referral screen in-app.

If a customer can refer as many customers as possible, a customer can only be referred to by a single other customer. Also, a customer who already refers someone cannot be referred in turn.

A good knowledge of Sumeria is recommended before promoting it to friends to maximize the chances of converting referees. Identity verification is thus necessary.

Track and manage Referrer <-> Referee relationships

The Referral screen can be used to track a referee's evolution, with the aim of assisting them if needed.

Getting referred

To get referred and become a referee, it is necessary to ask a Sumeria customer to send a referral message (see "Referring" above) and have the app installed on ones phone with a user account created. Then, the referral link received must be opened from a smartphone.

A referral confirmation message will appear, with the conditions. They need to be agreed to.

If the referral link doesn't seem to work, the customer who wants to be referred can also manually enter the referrer's code (they received this code with the link). They must then navigate to the Profile and settings screen, Referral, and then tap "Enter the code".

Current benefits

Cumulative benefits:

50% of the referee's monthly bonus

The referrer receives about 50% of the "Remunerated current account" bonus their referees receive, for 2 years following the creation of the Referrer <-> Referee relationship.

€10 each

From the moment the referee has made 5 payments (of minimum €5 each) at 5 different stores following their referral, referrer and referee each receive €10.

€20 or €30, each

If the referee chose the annual version of Sumeria+ or this offer combined with the black card, each will respectively receive €20 or €30 (the benefit linked to Sumeria+ doesn't concern customers under 25 who benefit from another discount for this version).

Referees have 90 days to make one or more of these actions after clicking on the referral link. To enjoy the benefits linked to the card, referees must never have made more than 2 payments by card and none in the 2 months before their referral. To enjoy the benefit linked to an annual subscription, referees must not have subscribed to Sumeria+ or to this offer combined with the black card in the 3 months before their referral.

Benefits payment

The benefits are credited on the beneficiaries' main Sumeria accounts, at the latest one month after the conditions have been met. Each one corresponds to a distinct payment so they are credited as soon as possible.

The benefit linked to the "Remunerated current account" bonus is credited collectively. This means that if for a given month, several referees receive a bonus, the referrer will receive, in one single payment, the sum of the bonuses they are entitled to for each referee.

See the terms and conditions applicable to referrals.

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