Terminate the Sumeria+ offer

Customers can terminate their Sumeria offer at any time from the "Sumeria offer" screen, accessible from "Profile and settings" by taping "Change my Sumeria offer".

Commitment and termination
  • Customers who chose the monthly plan are subscribed for a minimum of 6 months and can only request to terminate their offer after this period.
  • Customers who chose the annual plan have access to the Sumeria+ offer for 12 months. In case of early termination, customers cannot be refunded for the months they will not be using.

Status of tools and project accounts

If customers choose to terminate their Sumeria+ offer, the accounts they opened during the programme (Major project, Project accounts, Cash reserve) become standard sub-accounts. The balance of the accounts and their names remain unchanged but the tools that funded them are no longer available.

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