Expert advices

Lydia offers "expert advices", a tool that provides user with a simple visual summary of independent market analysis for a specified stock*.

To find it, go to asset details

Expert advices is linked to a specific asset, so to find it, user will need to go to the asset details screen.

Three categories

Those advices are an aggregation of market analysts advices regarding the potential evolution of stock* prices. They come from a partner of Bitpanda: FactSet UK Ltd.

To have a clear and understandable view of all the advices for a specific asset, BitPanda put them into three categories.

  • Buy: share of analysts who suggest buying
  • Hold: share of analysts who consider neither buying nor selling are viable options
  • Sell: share of analysts who are pessimistic regarding future evolution of prices

Independent advices

In no way, BitPanda or Lydia alter those analysis that are realized independently. The only action is the categorization mentioned previously to split the analysis into three distinct categories. Then, neither Lydia nor BitPanda would influence those data or give the user any advise for their investment journey.

As for any investment decision, the user must perform his own researches and act considering all the underlying risks when investing his money.

*Fractional investing is made possible though derivatives contracts.

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