Any account created in-app can be personalized.

Account display

This section is accessible from the details of a specific account in-app.

Name and cover picture

The account name can be renamed from this section as well as the cover picture.

The account display settings

From this section it is possible to define some options :

  • hide the balance on the account list
  • Hide transactions on the aggregated history

If one of those options is toggled off, it is still possible to access by entering into the details of the related account.

Accounts order

The customer can reorder the accounts display on the home screen from the "Settings" section via the "Reorder my accounts" option.

Invite members

The owner of the shared account can invite new members in order to shared expanses. Click here for more information on shared accounts.

Archive an account

The owner of the account can archive the account by clicking on "Archive this account" at the bottom of the screen. The owner of the account can restore the account from the "Archived accounts" section.

The members invited into the account can leave it at any time by clicking on "Leave shared account" at the bottom of the screen.

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