Sumeria+ is Sumeria's paying offer dedicated to assisted savings. It offers a programme that aims to help customers develop good savings habits. Several savings and financial management tools are available to customers, such as the option to round up payments to the nearest euro, expenses categorization, etc. Assistance via a support dedicated to this offer is also included. 

The Sumeria+ offer is available for €4.90 a month for a minimum of 6 months.

A programme based on the creation of a major project

This assisted savings programme is based on the creation, preparation, and tracking of a major project. The purpose of this major project is to help customers identify a project that will motivate them to adopt new savings habits. It can have a medium or long term focus (plan for the future, long travel, important purchase...). This major project materializes with an account in-app. 

Description of the assisted savings tools

Start of the month transfer

From the Sumeria+ centre, customers can activate the start of the month transfer. They define an amount and a date to which they will be reminded to confirm their transfer.

Rounding up to the nearest euro

Rounding up to the nearest euro allows customers to automatically save the remaining cents between the price they paid and the nearest euro. For example, for an expense of €2.35, €0.65 are automatically saved. Rounding up to the nearest euro applies to all transactions made by card, whether physical, digital or virtual.

Customers can freely enable or disable rounding up to the nearest euro for expenses linked to a shared account. If turned on, the payment will be debited from the shared account and the extra amount for the rounding up will be debited from their own main account.
Project accounts

In addition to the major project defined when setting up Sumeria+, customers can create other project accounts for which they want to save money. Each project account can be used to save money ahead of a planned expense (Christmas gift, summer holidays...). Customers can create as many accounts as they have projects for which they want to save money. 

Activating this tool is recommended to save efficiently.

How the programme works on a daily basis

During the month, the money saved thanks to the Sumeria+ tools is credited, by default, on the cash reserve. At the end of the month, customers are offered to allocate part of the money on the cash reserve to their major project (and to their other project account if they have any). The money remaining in the cash reserve can be used to cover for unexpected expenses in their daily life. This is why customers are recommended to always keep part of the money they collected in their cash reserve, so they don't have to borrow from their major project if needed. 

Description of budgeting tools

Budgeting accounts

Customers can create budgeting accounts they can use to monitor the transactions for a specific expense type (Leisure, Shopping, Groceries...). Customers can create as many budgeting accounts as they have expense types. They can allocate a budget to each account and a gauge will allow them to track the evolution of their expenses during the month, and thus better manage their budget. 

Monitoring charts and expenses categorization

Monitoring charts allow customers to visualize their spending pace over time as well as the category linked to each transaction. Customers can configure them depending on the view they want to have:

  • by period (month, week)
  • by account (focus on one or several accounts)
  • by expense type (supermarket, restaurants, transportation...)

These charts allow customers to better manage their budget. 


To allow customers to closely monitor their expenses and budget, Sumeria set up personalized alerts for each account created by customers. Customers can be alerted when their balance is too low, when an expense is above a specific amount or for other scenarios.  

Price and commitment 

Sumeria+ offer is available with two payment plans:

  • Monthly payments: customers are subscribed for a minimum of 6 months as of the subscription date, for €4.90 a month
  • Annual payments: customers annually pay the preferential price of €49 (that's two months for free)
Customers under 25 can benefit from a dedicated offer for €2 a month.

The offer is automatically renewed until the customer terminates the subscription. It can be done directly from the "Sumeria offer" screen in-app. 

The Sumeria+ programme is available for 12 months with the annual offer. In case of early termination, customers cannot be refunded for the months they will not be using.

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