When the customer performs an action deemed sensitive, he must validate it via a security step. By default, the customer must enter his password. He can also choose to define and then systematically use a shorter security code instead of the password.

Activate the four-digit security code

The four-digit security code can be activated and set from the "Security and privacy" screen.

If the option is activated by the customer, all sensitive actions requiring a security step will be validated after entering the four-digit code instead of the long password.

Forgotten code?

If the security code is entered incorrectly three times, the application will immediately disconnect the

Securing the account even more

The security code can be supplemented or replaced by biometric authentication:

  • Fingerprint recognition. This method, offered by the phone manufacturer, allows verifying that the fingerprint of the person using the phone at a given moment is authorised to access the phone. 
  • Facial recognition. This method, offered by the phone manufacturer, allows verifying that the face of the person using the phone at a given moment is authorised to access the phone. 
If the customer chooses to activate biometric security, all actions will be validated by his facial features or fingerprint, depending on the device.
If biometrics fails, the password or security code will be requested to validate the action, depending on the settings chosen by the customer.

Find out more about biometric authentication.

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