Lydia Trading is an exclusive feature for Lydia+, Lydia Green+ and Lydia Black+ users. Only users who are French tax residents and of French nationality over the age of 18 with a phone number starting with +33 and a verified Lydia account can access the service.

Minimum trading amount

The minimum value for buying or selling an asset is €1. The user should invest a minimum of €1 to buy a new asset or wait for the value of their investment to increase beyond €1 before selling it, if it is an already invested asset.

Differences between a Lydia investment account and a Stock Savings Plan

Unlike the Stock Savings Plan, Lydia's investment account allows the user to buy other types of assets than shares or ETFs, such as cryptocurrencies or precious metals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even outside the financial markets’ opening hours.

Moreover, it also allows the purchase of fractions of shares, whereas a Stock Savings Plan only allows the purchase of complete shares often at high prices.

Finally, an investment account can be activated in 2 minutes, with no account opening or maintenance fees.

Portfolio management, investment advice

Lydia cannot manage a user's trading portfolio and therefore cannot buy or sell assets for them or advise them on their investments.

All transactions must be carried out by the account owner and the owner must act in full awareness of the risks involved in investing their money.

Transferring assets from another Bitpanda account or trading platform to a Lydia investment account

The user cannot transfer assets invested on another investment platform or from another Bitpanda account to the Lydia investment account.

Cryptocurrency exchange

The user cannot trade cryptocurrencies with other users. If he wishes to, the user can sell one asset before buying another one in just a few seconds.

Cryptocurrency maintenance and trading disruption

When a cryptocurrency is under maintenance by our partner, or the partner applies a trading halt on stocks or ETFs, buying and selling of this asset may be temporarily blocked.

Any maintenance operation or trading interruption is communicated on our partner's status page so that the user can follow the situation’s evolution.

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