Customers who subscribed to Lydia Black+ and to the black card are the only ones who can benefit from the concierge service.

These customers have access to a digital concierge service, available in France and abroad.

Personal assistants, all qualified professionals, are available to answer all their queries, in French and in English, via text message or WhatsApp, 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm (French time).

Operated by Clac des doigts, the concierge service has been designed to make life easier for these customers on a daily basis.

The conciergerie service is not designed to assist users for matters relating to Lydia or Sumeria. As such, it is not a substitute to Lydia Support.

Offered services

Customers who have access to this service can ask the concierge for help with practical matters, ideas or advice. They can do (almost) anything. Here are some examples of the most common requests:

Helping to organize a trip

  • Finding out about visas
  • Booking transport
  • Finding the perfect accommodation
  • Hiring a car

Finding the right leisure activities

  • Booking a restaurant
  • Finding tickets for THE concert
  • Buying tickets for a sporting event
  • Finding a sports hall

Buying and delivering that last-minute gift you've been missing

  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Original ideas

Taking care of everyday tasks

  • Delivering groceries
  • Finding domestic help
  • Looking after pets

Helping out with unexpected problems

  • Bike repairs
  • Locksmith
  • Plumber
  • Emergency doctor's appointment

Signing up

All customers who subscribed to Lydia Black+ or to the black card offered by Sumeria can enjoy the concierge service at no extra cost.

The first time you use the service, you need to activate it from the "Help and messages" screen and accept the Clac des doigts Terms and Conditions.

Then, customers have access to the dedicated numbers and can contact the concierge service via text message or WhatsApp by tapping "Write to my concierge".

Making a request to the concierge

Customers simply need to send a request via text message or WhatsApp to their concierge. For example:

"Hello Clac, could you book me a table for 2 at 8.30 PM this evening in Bordeaux?"

The concierge will reply in less than 15 minutes on average, and will help them to meet their needs. For example, they can suggest solutions, make reservations or make purchases for the customer.

If the request involves a cost (a delivery, for example), the concierge qualifies it by asking the customer for the allocated budget and practical details.

Customers must then confirm the request by sending "CLAC" to the concierge.


Use of the concierge service is free of charge, and most requests do not involve payment.

However, when the concierge has to incur costs to process the request, a payment corresponding solely to the cost of the request is requested from the customer. For example, to buy tickets for a concert, the concierge will ask the customer to pay for the cost of the tickets, with no extra charge.

All costs are clearly indicated to the customer, who must validate them and make the payment in order for the service to be finalized. In the case of a paid service, customers receive notification of payment directly on their application.

Customers will never receive a request for payment from the concierge service after the service has been used.

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